Our team

Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Igor N. Albin

Chairman of the International Board – Carlos Bronzatto

PresidentYury V. Spiridonov

Chief Executive OfficerYury M. Voicehovsky


The President’s Office:

Valery I. Romanyuk – Vice-president (vir@invest-rf.com)

Vladimir A. Slepak – Vice-president. Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on social support and quality of life of citizens.

Konstantin I. Alekseev – Adviser (ak@invest-rf.com)

Mikhail V. Khokhlov – Adviser

Yulia V. Volkova – Assistant to the President, Project Manager (yv@invest-rf.com)


The CEO’s Office:

Konstantin N. Korishchenko – Adviser, Finance and Ratings of Investment Attractiveness (kkn@invest-rf.com)

Mikhail V. Lubenets – Adviser, Real Estate and Infrastructure (ml@invest-rf.com)

Sergey N. Potapov – Adviser, Operations and Information Technologies (snp@invest-rf.com)

Polina A. Dubina – Project Manager (pd@invest-rf.com)


Business Development Department:

Kirill P. Amelkovich – Director (ka@invest-rf.com)


Legal Department:

Margarita V. Vasilyeva – Director (mv@invest-rf.com)


Department for Cooperation with China:

Elena V. Romanenkova – Director (evr@invest-rf.com)


Analytical Group:

Konstantin A. Volkov (kv@invest-rf.com)

Alexander I. Khotin (ah@invest-rf.com)


Agency staff is represented by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience who speak several languages. Working languages are Russian and English.